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Ken Keyes, Jr. (January 19, 1921 – December 20, 1995) 

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Our Way To Happiness

Our Way To Happiness is open when emotion backed demands are mastered.

The automatic triggering of fear, frustration, and anger, makes us robots instead of creative causes in the changing energies of life. 

The ego and intellect combine, demanding more, more, and yet more, and our experience of life is wanting.   

We strive and toil and scheme, and shove and complain and resent. 

But pleasure and satisfaction are temporary,   and our illusion of separateness seems real. 

As we learn how our consciousness works we discover the opening key. Our desires and demands and requirements act as a distorting screen, filtering what is happening to warp our experience of now.

The beauty, the ugliness, the safe and the threatening, the good and the bad, the fame and the shame, the loss and the gain, the pleasure and the pain,  are merely what we are programmed to reject or accept.

The wide gulf between these polarities of life lies not in the world outside, but only in our heads.

 Was addictive or preferential programming used to create our experience of the here and now

To demand what we don't have is to waste what we do have. 

To take offence at whats happened can destroy our happiness even more than when we offend others.

In the changing world of people and things, we win some and we lose some. Regardless of fame or money.

As we free ourselves of addictions, the winning and losing becomes only a game, in which we can love it all.  

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